Indie Game Battle Stage
Beyond Hell Valley
Beyond Hell Valley
Universe: Storm and Sword
Size: Medium

Beyond Hell Valley is a stage in Indie Game Battle.

Beyond Hell Valley is a stage from Storm and Sword. The stage itself is a combination of elements from Storm and Sword, and is 2D.


Beyond Hell Valley does not have any particular hazards, though the doors on each side of the stage can be used. You can use the doors by pressing up when standing in front of one, and doing so will move your character to the door on the opposite side of the stage. After the doors have been used, they will also remain locked for 30 seconds, preventing anyone from using them again during that time.

If stage hazards are disabled, the doors will also remain locked at all times.


Track Name Source Original/Remix
Blizzard Whip Storm and Sword Original
(Planned) Cold Dreams Storm and Sword Original
(Planned) Fit for a Hero Storm and Sword Original


  • Beyond Hell Valley was released before Storm and Sword's protagonist Thunder actually debuted in Indie Game Battle.

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