Guppy's Quest is a game made by Octopus58 from MGFlow58


Guppy's Quest is a 2D game written in Java, belonging to the SP series. The main cast features the characters Octopus58, Gontaper, Guppy, Bever, Geron, Feron, Psytork, and Fushy. The objective is to free the land of SP from the Corrupted Beast.

The game has two main modes, story and RPG. In story mode, you must get through the levels to win, however in RPG, you must do quests in more open (but still 2D) worlds and find secrets, explore, and learn more about the world of SP.


  • A lot of BGS characters are featured (and will be featured) in Guppy's Quest as playable characters. Reason being that Octopus58 is a BGS member, and also there are tons of spaces for characters
  • Guppy is not the main character of SP. This whole game was initially just a test to follow a tutorial, and Octopus58 had no spriting knowledge back then. So he chose Guppy as a protagonist because he was the most human like SP character
  • A lot of characters featured in Indie Game Battle are featured in Guppy's Quest
  • Chubs is in the game?

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