Hank J. Wimbleton is the main character in Madness, and a playable character in Indie Game Battle.



He appears as an humanoid figure with floating hands, black big boots, red google lenses, an hood, various bandages on his head and torso, a coat with a rather huge belt, gloves and a bandana.

He has grey skin.


As seen in the animated series and games, Hank is advanced in combat: he is seen being able to defeat various enemies with a noticeable dexterity, even when using firearms.

Other than that, he also has an incredible pain and damage tolerance.

He is usually seen wielding a "dragon sword" and an MP5 submachine gun.



Grounded Attacks

  • Jab (1st hit):
  • Jab (2nd hit):
  • Jab (3rd hit):
  • Forward tilt:
  • Up tilt:
  • Down tilt:
  • Forward smash:
  • Up smash:
  • Down smash:


  • Neutral air:
  • Forward air:
  • Up air:
  • Down air:


  • Neutral special:
  • Side special:
  • Up special:
  • Down special:
  • Super Attack:


  • He will appear in his Madness Combat 7 look (which was also used for Madness: Project Nexus, Project Nexus 2 and various official flash games)



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