This article contains info about a removed character. This page is kept open for historical purposes.

Missileman is the main character of the Missileman series.


Built by locally renowned inventor Dr. James Q., Missileman is one of the first students to enroll in the initial school year of ABSO Robo High, the first ever school to be built exclusively for robots that are capable of absorbing knowledge. The universe he is from encourages robots to be as civilized and free as humans themselves, so robots are treated as equal. Robots are often built with unique abilities or powers still, and the staff of ABSO Robo High proudly boasts that the students could one day become big heroes.


According to Dr. James Q., Missileman was built to look more "human-like" and "friendly" than many robots, so he shares many features with such; he has arms and legs as limbs, and a rounded head with recognizable but simple facial features. Missileman also dons a blue neckerchief, and listens to his surroundings via his built-in hearing aid.


Contrary to his name, Missileman actually does not shoot real missiles. This leads to his reputation at school not being the grandest it could ever be. Nevertheless, Missileman can still pack a punch and shoot (albeit not as powerful) bullets, as well as run and jump better than most humans are capable of.



Grounded Attacks

  • Jab: Missileman fires three "missiles". Does more damage at close range, and does not make opponents flinch on longer range.
  • Forward tilt: Missileman claps his hands in front of him.
  • Up tilt: Missileman punches the air
  • Down tilt: Missileman does a sweeping kick along the ground.
  • Forward smash:
  • Up smash: Missileman does a headbutt attack upwards.
  • Down smash:


  • Neutral air: Same as Missileman's jab, where he fires three "missiles". However, it allows for movement at the same time as well as the option to use it in the air.
  • Forward air: Missleman kicks forward. Very high launch power.
  • Up air: Missleman does a flip kick.
  • Down air: Missileman kicks downward.


  • Neutral special:
  • Side special: Missileman fires a bullet in an arc. Pressing forward or backwards changes the angle of the bullet launch direction.
  • Up special: Missileman fires a powerful bullet below him, which launches him upwards. The bullet can meteor smash enemies.
  • Down special:
  • Super Attack:


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