Red Drop is one of Blob Games Studio's mascot characters, and a playable character in Indie Game Battle.





Red Drop is the lightest of the 3 blob characters. In exchange for his lightweight and floaty gameplay, he has excellent balance in ground and air gameplay, making him an accessible character for new players.

He is very potent in aerial combos with his neutral air and forward air attacks. His aerial combos can easily be set up by his up tilt which sends enemies straight up into the air for combo attacks. Making use of his back air can finish off enemies at high percent, and his down air is useful as a soft meteor smash attack or slightly boosting jump height.

His moveset is very versatile and easy to understand and use in combat. Down Special can be used after knocking an enemy off stage to gain super armor, Side Special and Up Special are used for recovery or attacking enemies, and his Neutral special is used for ranged attack purposes.


Grounded Attacks

  • Jab (1st hit): Red Drop punches.
  • Jab (2nd hit): Red Drop punches with the other hand.
  • Jab (3rd hit): Red Drop does a round house kick as a finisher.
  • Forward tilt: Red Drop kicks forward.
  • Up tilt: Red Drop does a high kick. Launches enemy upward, useful for setting up aerial combos.
  • Down tilt: Red Drop does a low kick.
  • Forward smash: Red Drop launches himself and kicks forward.
  • Up smash: Red Drop does a powerful uppercut kick.
  • Down smash: Red Drop looks at the camera and splits both of his feet outward.


  • Neutral air: Red Drop expands himself briefly.
  • Forward air: Red Drop does a spin kick.
  • Up air: Red Drop kicks upward.
  • Down air: Red Drop spins while doing the drill kick. Soft meteor smashes enemies.


  • Neutral special: Red Drop fires a red bullet.
  • Side special: Red Drop pauses then kicks as he lunges himself forward. Pressing up or down will angle the direction.
  • Up special: Red Drop spins like a tornado.
  • Down special(hold): Red Drop charges himself. After holding down the special long enough, Red Drop gains super armor for a short duration.
  • Super Attack: Red Drop grows larger in size, then fires a red tornado forward.