Status effects is a mechanic in Indie Game Battle. Status effects are used on certain moves when a player or enemy is hit. Some characters are naturally weaker to status effects due to certain traits they have. Such as characters relying on PP being weaker against Darkness, which drains PP slowly. Or fast characters being vulnerable to electricity, since it slows them down.

Status effects can be cured by certain moves, too. Usually by healing moves such as Aria's neutral and down specials, or Jarvis's down special.

List of status effects

  • Fire: Causes 2% damage per second. Will also unfreeze frozen opponents, but do 2x as much damage on contact when doing so.
  • Poison: Causes 1% damage every 0.5 seconds.
  • Ice: Freezes the player in an ice block. Will break free over time, but can break free much faster by pressing the attack button repeatedly.
  • Darkness: Drains the player's PP meter gradually, preventing characters from using any moves depending on PP. Such as Max & STEVE's recovery, Aria's healing moves, Jarvis's down special, etc.
  • Confusion: Makes the player stuck in a confused state. Will escape over time, but can recover faster by pressing the attack button repeatedly. Confusion can also be inflicted by a Shield Break.
  • Electricity: Slows down the player's movement by 50%, making them unable to run at full speed. Very effective against fast characters such as Chip and Bingo. Air speed is unaffected, however.
  • Water: Makes gravity heavier. Also extinguishes fire, and does 2x as much damage while doing so. (Gravity effect has yet to be implemented)
  • Light: Removes darkness effect, and does 2x as much damage while doing so. (Yet to be implemented)

Characters with status inflicting moves

  • Matt: A lot of moves have a light effect.
  • Chip: Quite a few moves with fire damage.
  • Aria: Side special causes poison.
  • Huey: Some moves causes opponents to freeze due to ice.
  • Gip: Forward air causes fire damage on the opponent. Up special also causes electricity, and neutral b can cause darkness. A lot of light-based moves.
  • Rex: Quite a few moves may cause fire damage.
  • Artist: Neutral special causes confusion on hit. Side special may also cause fire or darkness, too.
  • Electroman: Almost every move causes electricity.
  • Jarvis: Side special causes darkness.
  • Poncho: Neutral special and super attack causes electricity.
  • Max & STEVE: Down special causes electricity.
  • Wizard: A lot of electric and darkness based moves. Also a few fire moves.

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