The Legend of The Artifact is a game series developed by Blob Games Studio.


TLoTA is mainly a 2.5D platforming and fighting game series. It's main characters are Matt, Aria, Chip and Huey, with Wizard as an antagonist, and later as an anti-hero.



The original game was release back in 2015. It was only released on Desura, and after Desura went bankrupt it can no longer be gotten anywhere normally.


TLoTA Remastered is a remake/reboot of the original game, with generally better visuals, gameplay, and more content. Indie Game Battle itself actually uses a lot of the code from this game.


TLoTA2 is the first sequel in the series. For now, it's on hold to make room for TLoTAR to be developed first instead.

 Gameplay Differences

IGB shares many of the same assets and the same code as several TLoTA games, and therefore plays similarily. However, some differences are:

  • IGB uses damage percent to calculate knockback much like in Smash Bros. However, TLoTA doesn't use this, and only uses health.
  • IGB uses more Smash Bros-like shield mechanics with shield health, allowing shields to break. TLoTA uses a more Kirby-like shield mechanic; having shields unbreakable, but leaving your health decreasing as you get hit (though much less than getting hit without shielding).
  • IGB has double jumps, while TLoTA does not.
  • TLoTA has several mechanics such as climbing and grinding, who are not available in IGB.
  • TLoTA has Turbo Mode on by default. However. this works a bit differently in IGB, as well as only being available through the options menu.


  • The original TLoTA was initially called "Project Platformer" before it got proper characters. It was also a more traditional platformer early on.
  • Indie Game Battle uses the same code and a lot of the same assets as some of the TLoTA games.

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