GWater Temple is a stage in Indie Game Battle.

Indie Game Battle Stage
Water Temple
Universe: SP Universe
Size: Large
The original level doesn't have windows, but in the IGB stage they are there to show the sky.

The stage Water Temple is from the game Guppy's Quest. It is the first level in the game. There is a mirror in the room which is the boss mirror from Guppy's Quest.


Total Tracks: 12

Track Name Source Original/Remix
Water Temple/Mixed up Storm Guppy's Quest Original
Water Temple Boss/Fly to Rescue Guppy's Quest Original
Sunset Hill/Where the Sun is

Always Shining

Guppy's Quest Original
Sunset Hill Boss/Sunshine Bubble


Guppy's Quest Original
Cacti Desert/Cacti Rush Guppy's Quest Original
Cacti Desert Boss/The Stampede

of Fire

Guppy's Quest Original
Volcanic Flats/Sparkling Rock Guppy's Quest Original
Volcanic Flats Boss/Riding the

Molten Ash

Guppy's Quest Original
Moist Jungle/Windy Flowers Guppy's Quest Original
Moist Jungle Boss/Mind Boggle Guppy's Quest Original
Save Rush Guppy's Quest Original
Climate Climaxity Climate Climaxity Native Original
Glitch Sunset Hill Guppy's Quest Original Remix
Plot for Devastation Unstoppable Pulse


Plot for Devastation Cartoon

Water Temple Boss/Fly to Rescue Remix DJ Mota 1000&Bass Remix


  • All of the songs in Guppy's Quest are written by MGFlow58. Most songs can be found in the album Climate Climaxity
  • There is no actual act for water temple that has the same look as this stage. This stage is meant to emphasize a larger boss room.
  • The sky in the background belongs to Moist Jungle act 1
  • All the textures are precisely ripped from Guppy's Quest except the waterfalls (waterfalls were made by Felix and then later added to Guppy's Quest after appearing in IGB).
  • The stage was remade 3 times